Workshop Dates for 2020

Our dates for 2020 so far are;

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April 25th 2020  @ 0830hrs – Photographer, Lee Myers

April 26th 2020  @ 0830hrs – Photographer Mark Titcombe

May 16th 2020 @ 0830hrs  – Photographer, Lee Myers

May 24th 2020 @ 1700hrs – Photographer Mark Titcombe

June 13th 2020 @ 0830hrs  – Photographer, Lee Myers

June 21st 2020 @ 0830hrs – Photographer Mark Titcombe

June 28th 2020 @ 0830hrs – Photographer, Lee Myers

July 22nd 2020 @1730hrs – Photographer Mark Titcombe

Aug 19th 2020 @1730hrs – Photographer Mark Titcombe

Sept 20th 2020 @0830hrs – Photographer Mark Titcombe

We will add more dates as they become available.

Prices are only £60 per person

A £20 deposit secures your place

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Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to Bridlington Animal Park’s photography workshops website. Here you can find out all about our fun, interactive workshops, share your photos with us, and learn all about our birds and animals. Our experienced keepers will help you to take some outstanding images of the birds in a natural setting, but beware! Some of our birds have been known to use the photographers and their equipment as perches! They are friendly and love to be photographed, some of them even seem to pose for the camera!